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Support Research in Neuroscience and the Spiritual

One of our civilization’s defining accomplishments is understanding how our brain works. This holds especially true for the neuroscience of spiritual experience. It is a shame that society devotes minuscule  resources to this quest. As important as many people consider neuroscience and spirituality, neither the government nor private granting agencies are eager to devote increasingly scarce resources to understand what they view as a medical curiosity. Without money, there can be no research mission.

Contact Dr. Nelson for opportunities to support research in neuroscience and spiritual experience.

  1. elaine haire permalink

    have had unity experience but not part of nde which i have never had. have had individual experiences of lucid dreaming, peyote experience,etc. curious about seratonin-add brain?

  2. Kevin Nelson, M.D. permalink

    Serotonin-2a,c appear to be the mediators of the unity experience and at least some of the peyote experience. Lucid dreaming does not have a direct relationship to serotonin-2a,c but works probably by REM NOT turning off the dorsolateral frontal region as happens during normal dreaming. At least that is the current thinking.


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