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by Kevin Nelson, M.D. on April 9th, 2011

Are Out-of-Body Experiences Always Spiritual?

The Supreme Spiritual Experience

Living With Our Spiritual Brain


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  1. Tim Haley permalink

    It seems to me that studying mystics while they are having mystical experiences may also help provide objective data documenting what occurs in the brain during a ‘spiritual’ experience. Contemporary mystics would include the six visionaries of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovenia who have all had regular visions for 30 years. While this sounds too incredible to be true, they have been examined no less than three separate occasions by scientists and physicians who have determined that they are not faking the experiences nor is there evidence of delusion or mental illness.

    The fact that there are six of these individuals having similar experiences on an ongoing regular basis for these many years gives weight to thier claims. Have you looked into the evidence surrounding these or other mystics and what would be your opinion?

  2. Kevin Nelson, M.D. permalink

    This sounds interesting and I will look into it. Thanks for passing it along.

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